1821 Valley Rd
Champaign, IL 61820-7113

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Hessel on the Park, Champaign, IL

I moved into this apartment (unit C) in August of 2008. The first night there I discovered a small bug crawling across the floor. I put it in a bag an looked it up online. It was a bed bug. After spending a frightful night in the apartment, I took the bug to the leasing office. At first they refused to call an exterminator - they said he would be around later in the week. I was insistent enough that they finally called. They told the exterminator what I'd sai

d and he came out immediately.

I ended up having to throw away most of my possessions. What I didn't have to toss, I washed or sealed up into air tight bags for two years. The exterminators pulled up the carpet around the edges of the apartment and put down bed bug dust.

I refused to live in that apartment anymore. The manager refused to let me out of the lease unless I agreed to pay $2000 (I had signed the lease about 48 hours prior to finding the bed bugs.) Eventually they agreed to move me to a different building. I didn't sleep for weeks and lived out of sealed plastic bags - fearful that the bugs would follow me. It's been two years, I've since moved away, and I still check for them.

The managers never notified my neighbors - but I did. They handled the whole situation poorly. I sought compensation for them for the personal property that I had to dispose of. They refused to pay any.

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