575 W Madison St
Chicago, IL 60661-2503

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We have recently discovered bed bugs in our apartment. Management has an exterminator that is using a chemical treatment to get rid of them. However, we are at day 8 and they are still here. They won't do a heat treatment because they say our number is low, so they are probably just going to continue to multiply. So we are forced to continue living with them. We also have no idea where they came from, could have been from another apartment. It is extremely stressful dealing with these, especiall

y when you know there is a better solution to get rid of them, and they refuse to do it.

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This report regards the Presidential Towers in Chicago.

Several apartments on multiple floors of at least one of the four Presidential Towers buildings are infested with bed bugs as of 12/30/2010. Management has hired a pest control firm to treat the apartments; despite several treatments, bed bugs still remain in infested apartments.

As the apartments on which I am reporting are nearby one another, it is assumed that the bed bugs are spreading from apartment to apartment.

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