5600 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60660-4802

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Full of roaches, they just dont go away, we tried all methods, they come out from other units and enter our unit. Also, it is not overall clean and the building stinks at many places like laundry, hallways, elevator and even the office.

This building is full or roaches. We are moving out after two years and this is a big reason.

Find bed bugs in our apartment, it's terrible. And there're a lot of cockroaches in this building.

Hi! I moved into the building in the spring of 2012 and very soon I found the building was highly infesteded with roaches and bedbugs. I immediately contacted the management office and they have failed to exterminate these pests in my apartment and through the building. After talking to other tenants, they said roaches had existed for at least 9 years and bedbugs had constantly appeared over the past years. Not sure how people continue living here. I will be moving out very soon.

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