1062 W Bryn Mawr Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-4630

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After nearly 4 years living here, I discovered bed bugs this week in my unit. In fact, I had to pause typing this just now to stop and kill a bug crawling on my bed. I went from no telltale signs to a rather obvious major infestation in just a couple days. I first realized there were bed bugs when I discovered one in my clothes in the laundry room.

I've already contacted management about this and I'm supposed to be getting an exterminator within the next week. I'm also prepping the apartment

this weekend - washing the clothes in hot water and drying at high heat, completely cleaning out the closet, the usual. Thankfully I have a very small amount of furniture - a bed with no headboard, only one shelf and table near the bed, everything else on the far side of the apartment.

Needless to say, once the treatment is done and the bed bugs are (temporarily) eradicated, I'm moving to another building and more than likely tossing my bed, which has nasty bed bug stains growing at an exponential rate.

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This morning I notice bed bugs in my closet. I called the building manager and was told that they would send out an professional. I spoke to a friend and he recommended that I should be proactive because bedbugs will return.

I have been living in this building since August of 2011 and did not have any serious problems until very recently. Over the past month or so, I have noticed a few bugs crawling and did not think much of it. Three days ago (May 27)I saw my first full grown adult bed bug. I promptly freaked out, went and grabbed some BB spray at Target, and have been washing and drying all my clothes on hot, then folding and storing them all in large trash bags. I captured and killed a few BB, put them in a ziplo

ck bag, with a hand written note telling management to call me asap. Still have not recieved a call. Be careful!

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I lived in this building for many years and in the end had to move out due to a bed bug infestation. It was terrible. Management lied (no surprise). They do pay some pest control company to treat the infected apartments, but that's not enough. These creatures return!

december 2010

There are bedbuggs and mice in this building.

Yes. There are bed bugs in the building. My unit is infested with them. They showed up in Oct 2009 - the manager had by apartment taken care by a professional and now they are back. I have no idea how many units are infested but my unit is infested with them. I spray every night. And now I have seen mice. This was once a nice building and now this has gotten out of hand.

I am only finding out that there has been an ongoing bed bug problem in this building after I started seeing them in my apartment last weekend. The manager, who won't confirm or deny problems in other units, won't answer any questions about who the exterminator is, what they used, when they'll be back or what to expect next. He suggested that I get rid of some of my clutter and get a better vacuum.

Bed Bugs found in July 2010
There are more then 10 units infested since December of 2009.

Bed Bugs infested through multiple units in this building

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