5746 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-4542

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I lived in this building for a few years, thankfully I got out a couple of years ago. I happened across these reports looking for the old zipcode, and will add my own. Roaches, mice, and bedbugs run RAMPANT here. Sure, the exterior of the building is quaint and cute, and having a pretty little church across the way is nice, but good God.
Roaches, it got worse as I was moving out. Abruptly. Not to mention the whole rental company being shady with rent checks. Not the landlord of this buildin

g's fault, they are kind people and do what they can, but it was awful. Mice everywhere. Once or twice in the city, that's to be expected. It's also expected that the exterminator does something about it other than a quick waft of whatever on a counter and in the bathroom. Once, a dead mouse was found IN MY FURNITURE. Like, middle of summer, um, why does my apartment suddenly smell like death? Oh, you know, just the dead animal in your couch, no big. When I went to the landlord, I was met with a sort of "So what, you're in the city" attitude. "Ok honey!" Ok honey my ass, your building is filthy.

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This place has been infested with roaches since last year the exterminator has come several times but how can you kill the super infested apartments when you only spray in the kitchen counters and in the bathroom , last week I woke up to find bedbugs in my bed and although my furniture is protected they manage to crawl all over me , the people who take care of the building are not always helpful and even though I have found roaches lying dead in the hallways and all over the building the deny t

he problem , this place is disgusting despite my effort to keep my apartment clean the pests manage to get in , its frustrating I'm afraid of what I may find next.

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First of all, the entire building has been crawling with cockroaches since at least March of this year, probably earlier. The exterminator has been in various times, but given that the bugs are throughout the entire building, the extermination efforts have been completely unsuccessful.

Last week, then, I found bedbugs in my apartment, and was forced to wait until this week for an exterminator to come, despite how quickly bedbugs can multiply and spread. What's more, the landlady blamed the

presence of the bugs on me (and continues to do so) despite the fact that another tenant of the building has had bedbugs for months. The landlady denies this - and even denies that there are cockroaches in the building, despite the obvious evidence of them crawling through the laundry room and in all of our kitchens.

This place is quite seriously the worst apartment I've ever lived in, and if anyone reading this is considering moving in, do yourself a favor and DON'T. The bugs are the worst aspect of it, but the problems don't end there - the plumbing is terrible, the elevators are ancient and break down all the time, and in general the building is dirty and falling apart. The landlords are quick to deny any problems, and will place the blame for any difficulties on YOU, the tenant, regardless of the actual truth of things. Run - run now.

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Lived here since summer and the whole building is loaded with roaches and other bugs. Supposedly an exterminator was going to take care of it but they came and left my apt within 5 minutes! I heard no spraying and saw no improvement. I have been personally exterminating my apt with foggers and those damn roaches will not die. And management doesn't seem to care. But miss a rent payment an they'll sure be there fast to get it.

Was cleaning cats kitty litter which she had kicked on to the floor and whilst sweeping i saw a suspicious orange/reddish colored insect about half a centimeter long scurry away. I capture it and can say with upmost certainty that it is a bed bug, i checked everywhere for others but cant find any. I dont have any bites but the paranoia of more hiding is killing me.

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