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I moved her in October 2014 and by February 2015 I realized I had bugs crawling in my couch and my mattress. I called management and they didn't send someone out until 4 days later. The "exterminator" said he found nothing which of course was not true. He said he "treated" it anyways, just In case. Well the bed bugs were still there and long story short, I could not sleep in my apartment for TWO WEEKS. The manager only offered to put me in a different unit in the building but I declined because

of course the whole building was infested and they were not taking it seriously at all. I lost all of my brand new furniture and expensive mattress, I was so stressed and didn't well for month because I was afraid one would show up in my sleep again. Again, management did not care nor did they bother to return my phone calls. Don't move to this dump, just don't.

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I have had problems with bed bugs since I moved in to this dump. I have been told by other neighbors that they are all over the building. The management company has sent in an exterminator who told me I had a mild infestation and proceeded to spray twitch this week. No good. They are still present. I am throwing away my couch and I am looking to get out of my lease.

Last year arround september my wife was biten by a strange insect which she was not awere of so she told me the followin g morning rigth there l knew what it was i told her it was a bed bug and reported it to the manager he came with some spray which did nothing to help so a an expect for help and this time it worked but just last we the bugs have return again so we are planning to let the managment know then we will advise ourselfs if nothing is done about the issue.

So, I moved into this building last Fall. Upon my arrival, I didn't notice that there would be critters waiting in every crack of my apartment. For the first couple of months, I encountered a few roaches, but then I was bitten in the middle of the night & knew what it was right away. The only thing I happen to be allergic to are bed bugs.
As soon as I experienced my first bed bug here, I researched different methods to beat them. The only thing I have found useful for them as they infest every

other apartment was Food Grade D-Earth. I have survived sleeping on my bed without any attacks in the middle of the night, which my bed happens to be a platform bed really low on the floor, still I haven't had any more problems sleeping.
New management took over In the Spring & exterminated, killing all the roaches, but of course the bed bugs are the ones to keep coming back. All those sprays & bombs aren't as useful as the powder is for me. Everyone else seems to remain infested, tossing out mattresses every week.
Bed bugs have snuck in through the door cracks or through the walls. I caulked most of them, weatherstripped the door down to the tiniest hole. Some have also hitchhiked onto my dog from outside, crawled onto my arm & only noticed this nearly invisible speck on me after my reaction. So not only is this building most likely infested, but the grass patches in front of this building might as well be.
Bed bugs are hard to control, but make sure you close EVERY gap near your beds, entrances, & walls adjacent to other apartments. Thankfully, I'll be leaving soon, steam cleaner prepared & tons of laundry to do before I step into my new bed bug free apartment.

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This is such a shame, I have lived in this
building for over 20 yrs. It was orignally managed and owned by the father who passed
away. After his death ownership and management was passed to his son, who unfortunately does not take the same pride in owenrship nor does her have the same concern for his tennants.

Several summers ago my apt. became infested,
however, at that time I had no knowledge of
bedbugs or the havoc they and wreak! But by
the end summer, sadly would know by the

number of bites which subsequently turned
into scars over 100% of my body.

When I became aware of what was causing my infestation I repeatedly requested help from
landlord and untl began to capture evidence
& contact my alderperson did he finally take
some really half-assed action. However, it's
a case of way too little way to late, causing
one family of four to move.

The action thus far that has been taken is
the extermination will "spray " your apt.
at your request howver a tenant who is a
former exterminator explained to the owner
and other tenants that this type of 'spraying"
is totally ineffective as all apts. as well
as all common areas also need to be treated.

As far as my apt. is concerned my infestion
has somewhat lessened due only to the fact
that I had to destroy many items including
furniture and televisions.


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