5718 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-4304

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Gross gross gross.
I was literally run out of my apt by cockroaches. I would wake up in the morning with multiple bite/chew marks on my legs from roaches. I couldn't walk around without them running under my feet. Could not make or keep any food at all in the apt. They were even in the fridge. Roach droppings and eggs everywhere due to the high volume of them, so it was impossible to keep the place clean.
Furniture and appliances not salvageable.
Bedbugs were spotted in my apt from time to ti

me as well. They might have been worse if I actually had a bed. Other tenants had lots of bedbug problems though.
Building is extremely dirty in general.
The amount of bugs here is shocking. No words can describe the infestation unless you are living in it. I even began to have nightmares.

They don't bother with exterminators or fixing any other issues. Everything falls on deaf ears, and the most you'll get is fake sympathy.

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I moved in here with my husband in March of this yr (2011) and all I can say is that this is the most TRIFLING building that I've EVER stayed at in my life!! CONSTANT work orders put in within this 6 mos period have come to no avail! The elevator goes out every other fckn day which is absolutely ridiculous!! It is RAT city in the garbage area but the janitors have the NERVE to get mad when ppl don't want to throw out their garbage... Well!! it's bc they don't want rats running at them duh!! I'm

moving TOMORROW!! THANK GOD!! And I'm drying all of my clothes 3 times bc heat kills bed bugs and I'm going to make sure that I have a steemer in my new apt to kill the bed bugs and their eggs! Bed bugs have become a BIG problem in Chicago and hopefully they won't be in my new apt!

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This is an extremely disgusting building. The rent is cheap, which means you get to share your home with bugs EVERYWHERE.
Management does not care.


I've lived here since December and I cannot wait to move! Within 1 week of living here, we have had HORRIBLE infestations of roaches & bedbugs. The bedbugs are getting worse and worse by the day. I cannot take it anymore. I want to pack my things and leave but I cannot afford to move, more or less buy new clothes and EVERYTHING because the bedbugs are EVERYWHERE!! My fiance and I are being bitten constantly. They are so bad that they are even crawling on us in the daytime. I constantl

y feel disgusted and unclean, and I keep my apartment and myself clean, always. Neighbors in this building and on other floors have told me they have the same problems. I submitted a work-order to management over a month ago with a page and a half of things wrong in my apartment alone, and they haven't done a damn thing. I never got a response. This is the most disgusting place ever.

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Asked about bed bugs in pre-rental and lease signing and was assured that there was no bug problem. After encountering six while unpacking, I called an exterminator who told me the bug problem was so bad that I should move out. I moved out after one month and had to throw out over nine yard size trash bags of my posessions to get rid of them. The cost was well over $1000 in the end. Terrible infestation at this site.

bedbugs a problem since arrival in Chicago in early 2007. Concurrent infestations at this address with little ineffetive-management response- Circle Management. No notice of infestations in building with repeat infestations in apartments/ building in housing court since 2007. Carpeting in apartments breeding ground not cleaned or fumigated. Overall. do not rent here even as a last resort. Lived here in mid 2000s four years, worst place overall.

Well I moved into this building and 3 day no bite or anything but after my new furniture and my house became livable my friend stay overnight and complained in the middle of the night about being bitten in the morning we found bed bug bite marks on his back and neck and the same day a exterminator came and later that day I notice one crawling across my bed

70 unit blding. Tenants have reported bed bugs here.

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