5900 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60660-3650

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safe to say that nothing effective is being done about the bed bug issue in this building. the landlord will come once every few months to put down some chemical around the perimeter of the unit, but that is only distracting the bed bugs for a short amount of time. eventually they come back, and the problem is not being addressed in a way to eliminate the bed bugs. i am moving out. i do not recommend this building to anyone considering renting here

Landlord came to lay down DE today and told me he found 1 bed bug on my wall. He did not seem to concerned about it, but I am.

Building has been infested for over a year. Currently 5 Feb 2012.

last week [12.29.2011]there was a notice posted in the building that said an exterminator was coming to address a reported bedbug problem.
tonight after being out of town for the past couple of days my girlfriend came over, laid on my bed for a few minutes & had 3 bites when she got up...i'm not happy with this @ all because one of the reasons i moved into this building is because there were no reports of anything going on @ the address until i posted this

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