6165 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2682

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I reported and sprayed for bedbugs last month and it looks like they have returned already! starting to suffer from insomnia and stress.. NOT GOOD.

Same unit as one below the previous post. Bedbugs live in the walls of this building. I was forced to move after continued bedbug sightings in the bathroom. After the hole was patched they came in through the cracks around the bathtub fixtures. The source of the problem was never treated properly - cracks properly sealed or the bathroom treated.

ive noticed bites on myself since mid april. wasnt sure what it was until now. just called the emergency hotline.. going to purchase a bed liner and try putting double sided sticky tape on the floor around the bed posts.. hopefully this will help

Found bedbugs several weeks ago. Exterminators came, found no sign of bedbugs and treated for cockroaches. After finding bedbugs a second time and observing them coming out of a hole in the wall, exterminators came again. No sign of any since.

I have been living here since November 2011. No initial bed bug issue, until recently, April 1, 2012. Came back from vacation and bugs were waiting for me at 2am!! Haven't slept in bed. Exterminators came the next day after I reported, but these Damn things don't die. I'm a chemist, been using a solution of Ammonia and water to spray around walls, on mattress, and cleaned entire kitchen/bathroom with it. They die on contact, but still arise at night. The problem is obviously worse than imagined.

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This building has a SEVERE bed bug and cock roach problem. They are simply everywhere on the first six floors of this building. The building manager will lie about this even when standing in a lobby full of cockroaches. The management does not care at all.

From 3/2008 until leaving in 3/2010- No efforts were made to eliminate them from this 80+ unit building, despite several complaints from residents and combined efforts from residents. I eventually spent several hundred dollars in order to eliminate the problem.

8-22-10: Bedbugs discovered in apartment. Resident identified bug visually- no bites or residue on the mattress. Confirmed bed bug presence after washing bed linens and finding the remains in lint trap.

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