1061 W Rosemont Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2165

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I live on the 4th floor of this building. Date is from July 30th-ish. Management is never there except for when its time to collect rent. The building is dirty and they just don't care. When I first moved in, everything was fine. But soon, I began itching like crazy on my ankles, and I kept scratching, thinking the spots were from my scratching. I bought some anti-itch cream and everything was fine. Until I began to notice.. these creatures were crawling on my laptop bag, my bed, and even when I

just sit on the futon, they begin to crawl on me! I have killed over a dozen of these things by hand by crushing them and still, there's tons more.

I was in the process of moving out and now have to wash all my clothes and probably get rid of my suitcases because these critters probably crawled in while I was packing my things, with the suitcase on the bed.

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