1055 W Granville Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2160

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I have been staying here for last 4 years, moved in and out 3 apartments in the same building and never found any major issue. Bed bugs are everywhere and you need to be aware and watchful if they are not visible in your home. Few months back I saw few in my apartment, notified management and they took care of it without any delay. I have no personal experience with management but building manager is so cooperative and helpful fixing any issue you may ever have.

Recently 2 of my neighbors informed me they had bed bugs. I checked my apartment-nothing there. This week I'm itching like crazy with bites all over me swollen because I'm allergic to them. These things travel quickly. My furniture is one year old and I can't afford to buy new furniture. I informed landlord-waiting for instructions. I'm so miserable and itchy-taking Benedryl going to work drowsy. It is a horrible problem to have. I was never informed by management the other tenants had issue

s with bed bugs. I saw 5 mattresses in the alley last month-shouldve known something was going on. I love my neighbhorhood so much now I may lose my everything. I hope this problem is solved quickly. 1055 is a great place to live minus the bed bugs. :-(

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Last Wednesday I fund my Apt full infested of bed bugs all around. I made a complain but management is not addressing this problem.I have lost most of my clothing and shoes. I have to trow away also my bed and blankets.Infestation is to severe that those insects walked on the walls many of them. Happened so suddenly that I have not time to try a cleaning or else but to run and trow my infested belongings. Now the manager is saying that I should not trow nothing, that it is not their fault and a

s always; trying to evade their responsibility for keeping their buildings, safe, clean, and following all city codes Chicago have for it.
Hope more peolpe join to my complain, given that it is a Health concern for all of Us.

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Started March and continues in October, 2011

Another Triumph for WR Property Management! Yes folks, bedbugs galore at 1055 W. Granville. The bldg has been infested at least since last March/April. After reading so many bad statements about bedbugs in WR bldgs I would have to definitely say, "Renter Beware!" It is now October and they still haven't done an effective job of irradicating the bedbugs. So, do yourself a favor and check the internet or bedbug registry if you're looking for a p

lace to live, and make sure there are no reported problems with these horrible critters!


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