6250 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2015

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I used to live in apartment 301 and the next door neighbor complained frequently of bed bugs. The owner's son/property manager tried to make every excuse im the book. HD tried to tell her that she brought them from her previous location. He was very rude to her and insulting, but she still had to get rid of everything she owned.

I to live at 6250 N. Winthrop and have seen bed bugs. The building owner has sprayed a couple of times himself but it doesn't seem to be helping. Or if it does help, it's only short lived.

Hello, I'm in Apartment 312. I was originally in apartment 310 but wanted something bigger. The person in apartment 312 was being evicted. His apartment was a pit. Anyway, I started having an issue with bed bugs. First, my landlord tried to tell me that I was getting the bed bugs from work (I work in a restaurant). Then he tried to tell me that I got the bed bugs from furniture I received from friends. He also told me that there has never been an issue at this address.

I've removed eve

rything, that might be a hiding place for bed bugs...everything possible. I've even spend around $100 for spray and other stuff to keep the bugs out. My landlord has sprayed once. Still they keep coming back. Well, I see one now every few days. Now I find out after speaking with the guy across the hall that he had a serious bed bug infestation about 4 months ago.

Beware of 6250 N. Winthrop. Landlord doesn't want to address the issue properly.

Posted September 8, 2009

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