6330 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-1518

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I had bedbugs in September of 2011. within a day, the exterminator came and sprayed my apartment. It hasn't been a problem since

I am reporting this on June 9th, 2011. I have bed bugs. There aren't a ton, but I am covered with bites and it almost looks like I have the chicken pox, even though they certainly are not pock marks because I had the chicken pox as a kid. I have never had bed bugs before, but a few weeks after I moved here..maybe about 2 weeks ago, I started finding bug bites on my body. I thought they were probably just mosquito bites, but I really haven't been outside much late at night when I would be getting

bitten by them. There have been blood marks on my sheets and I actually found one dead bed bug on my sheets as well. The mattress is only a few years old and I brought it up here from home so it was not infested before I got here. This place definitely has bed bugs and I am having an exterminator come within the next few days. Beware though, this is an epidemic and they are spreading so fast!

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