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Just saw your post. I live in the building next door to you (same property management co.) and wanted to respond. While I have not had an issue in my building, I successfully beat bed bugs 2 years ago in my old apartment (a different mgmt. co. from ours) and it is indeed an ordeal. I hate that it took so long for them to find one and they sounded lax about it, but these are pesky little buggers that are crafty at hiding. The good news is that they are treating with an exterminator. Many building

s don't or use ineffective means. It's hard to deal with, but it is common for there to be a week or two in between sprays and to have bites in that time. The reason for the time is that the sprays work on a residual level, meaning that you may be bit in between treatments, but the idea is that the bugs that aren't killed on contact cross the poison to get to you and are killed that way. Just be vigilant. Bring your clothes to the laundry room in garbage bags (dispose of the bags in outside garbage cans), wash on hot and dry on high, high heat and keep your clean clothes separated in bags to avoid spreading through out the building and to others. It's tough and hard to go through, but if it is a light infestation, you are ahead of the game. Hang in there!

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A new neighbor moved in July 2011. September 2011 brought roaches coming up from behind our connecting walls/sinks, but by 9/19/11, I was experiencing red itchy welt bites. I asked the neighbor if he had roaches and he said, "Yeah, and bed bugs too!" I went to the management office, showed them my bites, told them what my neighbor said, and the property manager's response was "so, that doesn't prove anything - we need a janitor to confirm." The janitor came and returned but didn't see anything,

until THREE WEEKS later. This site has mention of our connected building at 6226 N. Clark St., so they should have heeded my first alert!

My first extermination was completed three days ago, and the neighbor is getting exterminated 3-4 days from now. I just noticed a few new bites this morning, but have to wait 7 days until the next appointment! I have been in this building a long time, and I've never had such an issue. I'm not sure how much longer I can stay here -- I can't relax, it's tough to sleep, I have nightmares about bugs & bites, and I am willing to leave the bed, couch, and heat-treat my books, shoes, etc. The exterminator called it a 'mild case' but it's bad enough for me.

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