6040 N Troy St
Chicago, IL 60659-2413
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I am the landloard at 6040 N Troy Unit# 109. The whole building was treated and maintained by a professional exterminator every other Saterday, and now treats the building with gel to prevent all types of pests and infestation. I was not notified about any problems until late July. Within two days I went to inspect the apartment and was prepared to rectify the situation. When I arrived I was presented with a baggie that had some type of pest inside. I apologized about the inconvenience and told

the tenant that I would inspect the place and take care of the situation. Instead the tenant said she no longer wanted to live there and was planning on moving out that week, breaking the lease. Because of the situation at hand I of course agreed and released her from the lease and returned all of the security deposit. After the tenant moved I had the apartment inspected and was told there were no signs of bed bugs. To be on the save side I had the apartment treated and informed the condo association that they do the same with the rest of the building. I'm not exactly sure what the tenant suffered from or if she indeed had bed bugs, but I do know that after the tenant evacuated the apartment there was no signs of any type of infestation. I will continue to follow up to make sure the apartment is a comfortable, clean, pest free home.

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7/9/2010, 6040 N. Troy Apt. 109 Chicago,IL 60659.

I moved into this condo building as a renter on September 1,2009. I did not have any bed bug problems until June 2010. I have never experienced anything like this before. I have been bite to death on my arms and my legs. Now I have restored to staying at my parent's home because sleeping in this bed in unbearable. This infestation has occured due to living in this apartment.

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