6302 N Oakley Ave
Chicago, IL 60659-2006

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Bed bugs, cockroaches, and mice. Stay away from this building. None of these problems are being treated or resolved. Tenants upstairs were infested with bed bugs this fall and winter. This has been a recurring problem. I've seen other tenants throwing out mattresses, etc. The owner never told other tenants. I was suspicious when he placed cups full of white powder under my bed legs "just in case." I eventually found out that the building is infested with mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs. When

there are bed bugs the owners are supposed to tell other tenants. This owner does not hire professional exterminator and doesn't treat the entire building. So he sprays one apartment and chases the roaches and bed bugs into the next apartment. He won't clean up the mold either. Children should not be allowed in this building.

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