6206 N Francisco Ave
Chicago, IL 60659-1602

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Our new neighbors in aprt. 3B moved in March 2010 two weeks after they moved in i got a knock on my door from the pest control and my neighbor asking if i had bugs i told them no because i didnt. He said that my neighbors in aprt. 3B was infested with bed bugs. But a couple of days later I notice something under my blanket one morning so i killed it. At first i thought it was a insect from outside so, I looked it up in the internet and it was a bed bug!! I called my Landlord and the janitor spra

yed my apartment, and i made sure i heated up all the rooms and washed everything. My neightbor look dirty and they keep throwing so much furniture away, they buy new ones and throw them out the following month. They have not done anything to help out the situation. i found another bed bug coming in from my door one night when i was in the living room because my dog suddenly started to bark at something on the floor. Another time was when my neighbors purse just touched me when i was going down stairs suddenly i felt something on my arm moving it was a bed bug!!! I bought my own spray from Home Depot so now i spray my car and apartment everyweek just in case.

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