3167 N Pine Grove Ave
Chicago, IL 60657-4679

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Updated from 12/30/2010 - no more sightings after exterminator came in. phew.

We live in a two bedroom apartment, using one as our bedroom, the other as an office. My husband woke up about a month or so ago with red bites on his arm. The following day he woke up with a bite on his eye which proceeded to swell. As first I thought they were spider bites, because I had nothing myself. Then the next next I saw one of the little aholes crawling across my pillow. Squished it, and immediately moved out of the bedroom into the office to sleep on the futon.

We called our rental

company the next day Parliament Enterprises and they were really good about it. They said they were no other reports in our building but they would send someone out. He did an extremely through search and only found a few little bugs under the mattress frame, and in no other room in the house. We were then told we would receive 5 treatments one a week for five weeks. We have been sleeping in the office since and haven't received any other bites.

My husband tried sleeping back in the bedroom after the third treatment to test it out and still got bitten, mind you they said we had an EXTREMELY small amout of them and were very very lucky.

Our last treatment is next Wednesday. Fingers crossed it works. We are getting rid of our current IKEA malm box spring, and using the one in storage we got with our relatively new mattress. We purchased box spring, mattress and pillow covers (make sure you do your research first) which we pretty pricy but we found them on sale.

The whole situation has made me extremely miserable but it could have been a whole lot worse. My advice, if you see one bite, call your landlord RIGHT AWAY.

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