515 W Briar Pl
Chicago, IL 60657-4618

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For 2222222.I am living for more than 15 years in this building and so far no signs of your bugs.The engineer and management keep well the building.I'm very happy here and i will be still living here.And just so you know the building do not have 150 units.And the management did a very good thing,not renewing your lease.You should be ashamed about all the lies you write in there. ChuckPirat.

I started noticing a weird rash on my forearms in the beginning of March. I went to the doctor, and they told me that they were hives, but couldnt figure out the cause. Now I'm getting bitten all the time on my forearms and legs, and finally realized that it's bedbugs. I found several clinging to a pillowcase tonight, and immediately began throwing things out. I'll be calling the landlord in the morning. I bagged 4 bugs in a ziplock, and they are currently living in my freezer. Gross.

We have a horrid infestation, the management will do nothing about it & have even removed our lease because we legally deducted the cost of items we bought to deal with the problem. The bugs have infested 4 different units in the 150+ unit bldg. They have been seen in the halls & in the garbage shute area, plus the laundry room.
The entire bldg is infested. The bugs don't bite everyone, so don't be fooled if you're not bit. We even had 3 crawl out of the wall when we put in shelf anchors in the

Don't rent here. This is a horrid problem. If you go home for the holidays, you'll probably bring them with you!

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