3160 N Cambridge Ave
Chicago, IL 60657-4613

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In April 2011 I moved into an apartment at this location. They told me the day before I moved in that they were legally obligated to inform me of an extermination that had happened in that room 2 days prior. They claimed that a tenant down the hall had complained of an infestation and they exterminated for precautionary purposes but not to worry, there is no real problem. Being the day before I moved and my other lease was up, I had no choice but to say ok and move in the next day. Upon movi

ng in, I did get a bite on my elbow in the classic cloverleaf 3 bite shape. I then looked up this location on the registry and found previous complaints (but from the year before). Being thoroughly freaked out but not wanting to up and move again, I decided to ask a neighbor if they had any issues. I asked a young lady down the hall from me if she had heard or experienced anything. She then said "I have never heard of anything but I've begun to wonder since I have all of these red blotches all over my body and the doctor can't figure out what it is". This was all I needed to hear, not only does the building STILL have an infestation (which the landlord lied to me about) but they are on my floor. I packed my belongings in trash bags, ran everything through driers to be safe (I'm talking curtains, rugs, every article of clothing...) and lived with a friend for a month while I searched. Save yourself the hassle, DON'T MOVE IN HERE. Aside from the blatant problem, the landlord was dishonest and less than helpful in resolving this situation, there's plenty of apartments in Chicago, you can do better.

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I had an infestation in my apt. about 6 months ago where I noticed increasing red blotches mostly on my hands and arms. I thought it was an allergic reaction also, but when someone at work suggested it might be bedbugs I checked my mattress. When I checked the underside of my mattress along the edges I saw them. I naturally freaked out and dragged my mattress to the garbage and began researching about how to get rid of them. I began by washing every piece of clothing I owned then emptying all of

my shelves and packing things in plastic containers. I bagged my belongings in black garbage bags and vacuumed and cleaned on a daily basis. My apt. was a shell and I slept either on a air mattress or the sofa where they eventually followed me for 3 months. I called my landlord and they quickly arranged for a exterminator to come and it took 2 visits until I didn't see them anymore. So far, I've bought a bedbug cover for my new mattress, a new sofa and rug and haven't seen them for about 2-3 months. Initially, I used rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, which kills them on contact, but you need to completely strip your place down and clean,clean, clean before the exterminator comes. They hide on the backs of picture frames and anything wooden. They hate heat ,so steam cleaning your furniture works and of course washing your clothes and drying them kills them. What an awful experience!

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Noticed some bites on my skin that began July 18. Thought it was an allergic reaction to a new laundry detergent. Over next week, saw some little bugs, but didn't think anything of it because only saw 2. Finally woke up and had 6 or 7 fresh bites on the back of my arm on Saturday July 31. My husband didn't have anything. Inspected the back of the bed and found small infestation on our mattress pad. Quite certain that they were carried in from our laundry room. We had just washed and chang

ed the sheets when the problem started. No idea what the landlord is going to say...

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