510 W Briar Pl
Chicago, IL 60657-4611

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If you check with the City there are reports that they have had building violations and that they failed to allow the City inspector to check for bedbugs. The reports would be accessible from the Housing Authority downtown in the County building across from the Daley Center on Washington Ave.

You may be able to get out of your lease for their failure to report the building violations if they were not provided with your lease. Also, you should make a complaint to the City and request an inspec

tion for bedbugs.

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I had bedbugs for months!!! Management only cleans one apartment at a time so the bugs keep on spreading. All my neighbors and even the resident manager have the problem. In the past year almost everyone except 3 units moved since the building is so unkept.

Found bedbugs on northside second floor of 510 briar about March 3 2011. Supposedly two other apartments on the northside second floor have had bed bugs: one two months ago and another about 6 months ago. Management stated that they notify and inspect adjacent apartments, but neither incident was reported to me even though my apt is in between both reported cases.

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wow! just randomly checked on here to see if there were any reports of my old building. first reported the bedbugs in my apartment in spring of 2009. my apartment (on the 5th floor) was treated three times with no solution. after the first infestation, i got rid of my old mattress and bought a new one only to move back in two weeks after the treatment and had my brand new mattress (which was also encased in the "bed bug protecting" covers)to be loaded with about 20 bed bugs and eggs. pretty m

uch lived on one plastic chair I had. i would see them crawling on my walls, bed, one even on my leg. had to move out fall of 2009 and had a major loss of furniture, mattresses, etc. and huge dry cleaning bills (unfortunately, bed bug damage is not covered by renter's insurance, nor deemed a valid reason for a lawsuit). this is a horrible problem and there is no doubt in my mind that there is still a problem in this building.

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I moved out of 510 W. Briar in May of 2010 due to a bedbug infestation. Several apartments in the building had also been affected. I was on the fifth floor. Management was quick to respond, but since there are several cracks between floors. the bedbugs could easily travel from one apt. to the next.

The reports that have been posted here are not accurate. There is no Unit 906 in the 510 W. Briar Building.

While there have been a few instances of bed bugs management is very responsive when the problem is reported properly and quickly.

If you are a Tenant in the building, PLEASE report a problem in your unit IMMEDIATELY so that it can be dealt with with appropriately.

June 30th 2010
Was bitten at night and then found 1 live bed bug near an outlet in the bedroom. Reported this to management on July 1st. Management has been very responsive and so far I have had 1 treatment with another two scheduled. I am fairly certain (through observation) that there are more apts with infestations that have not been reported on this site.

i reported the problem about 5 times. they didn't do anything.

I live in the neighborhood and have been dealing with it for a few weeks, too. My management has been very responsive to it. 2 treatments so far. The pest control guy told me there are no live ones in my unit. Is your management doing anything?

510 W Briar Place apartment complex. Apartment 906. Third week of dealing with bedbugs. It's only getting worse. Dont know where they came from. the building has too many holes and cracks in the floors and walls.

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