739 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60657-4512

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Can anyone tell me if unit 402 has bed bugs. We are trying to get our application fee back from this unit but need proof that specific unit had bed bugs in it in order to get ther $1300 back. I am so sorry for all of you who were affected with this infestation...it is a shame it has not been taken care of.

If you want to get rid of your bed bug problems, call Allied Services, Inc in Posen, IL. We "specialize" in ridding apartments, condos and hotels of bed bugs! We service a ton of properties in your area with much success!
Call (708) 396-0200 ext 9028 ask for Mike Perkins.

Woke up with bug bites that looked like bed bug bites. Have already collected two bed bugs as proof. Plan to call management about it, not that they will do anything.

This building not only has bed bugs, but it has roaches. The entire building is infested with them. No one should live in this building they should condemn it. The management will not respond to any calls and the latest is that they are hiring a new company to take care of the problem. They will not give a reason. I don't want to disclose the unit we are in either but i know the downstairs neighbor moved out one night after arguing with the managment about their issue of roaches. These are n

ot the only reports about bugs in this building, or other buildings that they manage. I am thinking they need to be reported at the very least and a class action lawsuit taken up on behalf of the tenants of the building. It is a total scam; they put in all the new appliances and floors and underneath and behind them all are bugs. The walls are falling apart and they put a cheap job of plastering them so you can even hang anything and attempt to make it a home. The living conditions are absolutely deplorable.

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I called the management about bug bites on my body, it took them several messages and a month of time to respond and when they finally contacted me they refused to take responsibility. They sent the exterminator three weeks after, but nothing improved.

8/8/2011 lived here for a couple months with nothing now in a couple days i have bites all over my body. horrible.

This building has bed bugs. I discovered them back in June. I was laying in bed when I found one crawling on me. I called the land lord. They sent the exterminator to my place 3 times. The problem still persist. I had to through away my bed. Management refuses to except any responsibility. They are trying to make it sound like it was my fault. I found more than one report on this web site.

i still live in the building so id rather not disclose my unit number.i think i got them from our laundy room . I got bed bugs in this building about a month ago. I had bites ALL over my body.very expensive to clean up and kill.2/26/2010

this building has bed bugs

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