554 W Aldine Ave
Chicago, IL 60657-3754

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554 W Aldine - number 2E

We woke up this morning to find a bedbug crawling up our wall. We are not looking forward to this process... I submitted the first bedbug report back in 2009 for the apartment across the hall. I see there have been a few since then. We were NEVER told by Beal properties that there were ANY bedbug reports.

Found one adult bedbug Dec 22, 2010, then another Dec 30, at which point I called the landlords. Exterminator came today to verify that they were, in fact bedbugs, but no word on what kind of treatment they're doing or whether they're treating other units. So far as I know, they have also not informed other tenants.

They are disgusting! Hide the truth all the time.
Absolute slumlords!!! Rude and short on the phone. They treat their tenants like garbage.***
They are so bad and there was so much litigation against Beal properties, that they have been fooling people with their new name (they don't advertise it and just say they have investors who own their building so never disclose the real name unless you hound them) which is
RENTALS MANAGMENT. Look at the reports for 620 W. Barry and many of their other


Call Julie, Cornel, Dex, these are the people who are at the buildings while Mike (scumbag) and the other "administrative" staff are in their office in Wicker Park trying to nickel and dime everyone.

see full report...

The bed bug cases reported at this address were ultimately handled by a reputable company and no bugs or activity have been detected since mid-September 2009.

Bed bug infestations reported to management company in early July, but as of late August, the problem is still not resolved.

Apartment numbers 3W and 2W of this building (554 W Aldine Ave) have official bed bug infestations. First was reported late July. Second reported mid August. I live across the hall (2E). Landlord (Beal Properties) has not yet notified any of the tenants.

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