425 W Roscoe St
Chicago, IL 60657-3649

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5th floor unit---Noticed bites around the 4th of July, thought we had gotten bitten outside. I showed my bites to a friend and he said it could be bed bugs. I looked at the mattress, didn't see anything. A few days later noticed blood spots on the sheets (bugs being crushed in our sleep). We threw out the mattress and box spring because we were getting a new one, didn't see any more signs of bed bugs, but we didn't look as thoroughly as we should have. Probably the next day finally found the bug

s where the ceiling met the wall, also saw them behind a picture frame and in other places on the wall. We got out apartment sprayed this past Friday, I plan to call management tomorrow to make sure the units surrounding ours are checked, if not will have to tell neighbors myself! Also plan to get a second treatment in two weeks. Really want these things gone!

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Moved into apt 304 April 5 2015, found the bugs 3 days later. When an exterminator came he said that it had been infested way before we moved in. Mainly because most of the bed bug poop, was on our bedroom. But when we had it treated mainly in the living room. After we had it treated we still found bedbugs so they are throughtout the building. Be very careful we had to throw everything away, couchs, mattresses chairs lamps, books, electronics, and clothes. We did have an attorney break our leas

e in May.

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This happened in early January. I believe my roommate at the time brought the infestation after returning from a trip to California. She was highly allergic to the bites, but I was not. I don't think I would have even realized the infestation without the insane amount of bites she had in clusters all over her back and arms. We did spot one running across a rug of mine and trapped/flushed it down the toliet. I am now living a paranoid existence, where I do not feel safe or secure in my living spa

ce, and I fear spreading this problem to my close friends and families homes.

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