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I haven't even been in the building for a month (Moved in Nov. 1, 2008) and on Tuesday morning (Nov 18, 2008) I found several huge bug bites on my back and leg. (I moved from out of state but never had any problems prior to moving to Chicago.) I was concerned that it happened while I was sleeping and started researching on the internet. After getting home from work, I examined my bed and found a bedbug between the mattress and box springs. (That little MF is in a ziploc in the freezer for th

e exterminators when they come.) I contacted management and have an exterminator coming Friday. I found another bug running across the floor last night. (Thats in a bag in the freezer too...I've been told its important to hold onto the evidence when you find it) But I'm still in the process of getting everything examined, washed and bagged before the exterminators come. I've also been told by the company coming to do the extermination that all of my electronics (computer, tv, printer, digital camera, etc.) and books and knitting stuff have to be bagged for 12-18 months. Oh, and the same goes for the artificial Christmas tree I just put up in my apartment. So needless to say, I will be sitting in the equivalent of a prison cell/solitary confinement when I get home from work everyday for a year to a year and a half. And Christmas won't be coming this year or next year since I can't use any of my decorations for that long! This is going to be a very lonely, boring, Grinchy Christmas! :'( And my dog is going to have to stay with my parents until I get a storage unit or something to put all my sealed, possibly contaminated crap in. (At least the management wants to get this taken care of, as do I, I just worry that my neighbor or someone below me has a problem and isn't doing anything about it.)

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