320 W Illinois St
Chicago, IL 60654-8076

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I moved into the apartment May 2010. A week after moving in I started to get bitten by bed bugs. After discovering the cause, I moved out of my apartment while the apartment complex performed 5 treatments. After I moved back in they performed another 3 treatments. I continued to get bitten and finally just left. The apartment complex refused to admit that apartment was actually infested. The manager told me that the exterminator could find no evidence of bed bugs. I have severe reaction t

o the bites so it was very apparent there was still bed bugs in the apartment. They did allow me to break my lease but it was still a pain in the ass. #1007

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I was an resident at this building and my apartment along with several others were infested with bed bugs. I moved out shortly after the infestation - I waited approximately 2 months and 6 treatments. When I left- I was still getting bites.

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