33 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60654-7691

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I visited at the Y in 2009 and had a room like most other people there on the 13th floor. It looked clean when I moved in and I was happy to be there, but I quickly learned that things were a lot less than that.
This is one of the most miserable places you could choose to live in, and sadly, it is a YMCA. I have met people here who come off the street, and desperately want to get on their feet again, but the parasite and bedbug problem is unbearable. Your life begins to circle around de

aling with this, and there is no time for anything else. If you have any health problems, you will probably end up trapped here.
What is scarier is that the bedbugs may be the least of your problems living at this YMCA. And most of the people there are fine people, wherever they are coming from. They are true Chicagoans who love their city but can find nowhere else to go other than the Y.
The true story of what is really happening here can not be put safely on these pages. It would appear that there will always be goons out there ready to feed off of people that have very few choices or defenses. And it would seem that the YMCA has more or less written off this facility, happy to get a few bucks while they run it into the ground, waiting for the highest possible bid on one of the most valuable remaining plots left in the city of Chicago.
But under these circumstances, it comes to mind to wonder how the YMCA can continue to call itself a 'Chistian' charity... Or maybe that, like the wonder that this building once held, is just something out of yesterday.

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