7350 S Phillips Ave
Chicago, IL 60649-3419

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On October 22, 2014my apartment became infetucst with bed bugs managment refuses to anything. Uses a water base product try to kill the problem.

To tenant: management is required to take care of bed bugs if they own your apartment and they have to pay for it...Try to do some research, you'll see...They cannot ignore the problem. You also have rights...

I have been getting bit for about two months now. It started around Feb, 16 2011 and has gotten worse. Management came out to inspect, no signs but they failed to call for an exterminator. The toughest part for me right now is conquering them alone. You can feel these things crawling on your skin even when you can't see them. As big as a Management company IBF Properties is, their lack of sense of urgency to this problem is very surprising. They should have some sort of contract with a skilled l

icense exterminator, and rather sending the maintenance guy in to their dirty work..Hire someone! I am so freaking tired of not getting any sleep and furthermore sleeping on the couch. These things have me seriously depressed and the Management company is not making it any better!

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