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I just want people to know that it is extremely difficult to get rid of bed bugs! If you do some research you can protect yourself and get rid of them. Diatomaceous earth is an excellent product that will help. You have to examine everything. Pillows, all bed linen, mattress, box spring, any upholstered furniture, head board, clothes, any wooden furniture, any baseboards and moldongs, stuffed animals, etc. Keep clutter to a bare minimum and wash everything and put it in a closed plastic bag

, like the big Ziploc bags. These pests are elisive and difficult to exterminate, but it can be done. ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 91% WILL KILL THEM ON CONTACT, ALSO. JT EATONS I AND II IS EXCELLENT. INSPECT DAILY!!!!

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I live in a large courtway building w/approximately 72 units 3 floors w/ 2 units on each floor. I noticed itchy bites on my arms & face in April. After surfing the net & recognizing signs( blood spots on sheets, etc) I threw out the mattress & boxspring , pulled up & got rid of the only room of carpeting in the living room. The exterminator was called May 6 2010,to do a bedbug treatment. He decided b/c he didn't see a bedbug to simply spray for spider mites. I moved out of my bedroom into the l

iving room & bought an inflatable bed. I became adventurous one night(june 26,2010) & decided to go back into my bedroom to sleep w/ the inflatable bed post extermination. Needless to say I was bitten again. I decided to lay glue traps around my unit. Low & behold, one bedbug was caught in the trap under my loveseat & one was found under the sink(pedestal design, no cabinets, stands alone).The exterminator returned August 6,2010. He steamed the bed's frame, sofa & love seat & fogged my unit. We never saw a bedbug during steaming process. The only times I saw the bedbugs were in the traps & also a dead one on a throw blanket I was about to launder. The times that I was bitten I had slept in my bedroom.I have not slept in my bedroom since June 26,2010. I have no idea if the bedbugs are still here but the inflatable bed & not sleeping in my bedroom seems to have remedied the problem. I'm moving September 30th.

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