2144 West Moffat Street
Chicago, IL 60647

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I managed the building at the time. Frankly, getting up to speed on this nightmarish problem was 1/2 the battle. We have since professionally heat treated the entire building, much like a hotel would, a very expensive, yet worthwhile investment, and continue follow ups as a precaution. Only one big was found since. The company that did service the building did not classify the problem as severe. Paperwork available upon request by anyone seeking to lease or currently leasing.

Was living in the first floor apartment from Sept 2014 to Sept 2015. Resigned the lease shortly before we found out that the second floor tenant had bed bugs for weeks and the landlord never informed us (he's required to).

He had a company do a quick spray on the second floor, and said that it would take weeks for our apartment to be treated.

We got a tenant's rights lawyer, got out of our lease and got our security deposit back.

Was a complete nightmare.

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