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We thought we had them in April 2006 - and we probably did - but we just took a couple easy steps, like washing our sheets and drycleaning our down comforter and pillows, and the problem went away. However, when the down comforter came back from the cleaners, we left it in a storage closet in the other room. Then, on December 2nd, we decided to open it up and start using it again. I was bit 3 times that night. The bedbugs were back.

Now, it's been 8 weeks and we are still fighting. We've had

3 bedroom treatments and one whole-apartment treatment. We have isolated our bed and moved most of our stuff to a storage locker. Our house is in shambles, but I think we are making progress.

It's still a light infestation, I get 0-2 bites a day and we have only seen one live bug, and one dead one.

We are truly hoping that politicians take notice of this life-ruining pest. It hurts your sanity, it hurts your relationships and it hurts your bank account. All because of a stupid little bug.

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