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I am the same anonymous person who placed the first message. It is november 2011 and after the exterminator came out, i bought a steamer, let me recommend the McCUlloch MC-1275 steamer, and steamed everything from beds to furniture to floors every three days for two weeks. At the two week mark i found the female, i guess responsible for all of the egg laying because no bed bugs since, in my living room on the ceiling. I think what happened was she was living in the floor cracks and finally decid

ed to leave to look for another place. I killed her. I since then have taped all of the base boards because there's a small gap between them and the floor and i steam all of the floors once a week. No bed bugs!!! :-)

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First bed bug bites were noticed on Thursday march 30 2011. I went into his room to clean and found three dead ones a nymph that had just eaten and none under his box spring. His mattress has a cover and there were none either. I threw every stuffed toy away! Then I inspected the beds and nothing! I washed everything and for two nights no bites! It wasn't until the third night that they came for a vengeance! So I decided to call my landlord and he called the experts right away. It is April 9th a

nd they can't come until Monday but meanwhile, which I should have done from the beginning, was place all clothes in bags tie the bags up and leave them in that room. I also vaccumed and then sprayed everything with cedar oil (watch out it stains), and seal off the room, literally! I have closed the door and placed masking tape around the whole door. One thing I have learned from all of this is they are extremely hard to get rid off, and I can believe that because I tried spraying one with different things and to no avail! Also they have to be sprayed directly with bleach or diatomaceous earth, if not they won't die! The only thing I can think of being the reason why they exist in my apartment right now is because I just bought rails and my son's box spring from a second hand store about two months to a month ago, and from reading incubation period it seems about right! I tried to save money and I actually have spent what a new bed would have cost me! I wish n e one luck with eradicating these vampires!!!

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