6432 N Richmond St
Chicago, IL 60645-4202

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Had to move from this location because the apartment below us was 'infested' with bed bugs. They moved up to the second floor and it was a living hell. We finally had to move and spent huge amounts of money to treat our belongings and other expenses. The owner let us break our lease and offered us a different apartment; even offering to 'Vikane' treat our stuff if we stayed. This was admirable. The bad news was that the people below us had them for months and had a lot of them with bites all ove

r their children. No one did anything to stop the problem before it spread. The landlord tried using sprays on the cheap.. and that is what caused them to move from the infested apartment to ours. By the time the professionals were called in it was too late. I know they did not treat the adjoining units so it is only a matter of time until they spread. If landlords took this seriously and acted swiftly.. then things would be better. This is not a false alarm.. This place had bed bugs and they cost us an arm and leg .. but the true cost is your mental staight.

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bed bugs in units. one unit had them for months without proper treatment. do it yourself doesn't work. the infestation has spread and now i've found them in my place. anger is not the word. we were never told of the magnitude of the problem. didn't know how bad it was until i saw the bites on the occupants. now i've got to spend hours bagging my stuff and getting ready for the exterminator. angry that if this was taken care of at the onset; this problem might not have spread to us. when are land

lords, owners going to take this seriously enough..and my God if you live in an aparment and get bit up; why in the hell did you wait until 4 months later to begin to get an exterminator.. i blame ignorance and laziness on all of these people and i don't think anyone in the surrounding units cares..which means that they will keep coming back. we need a city wide plan of attack and follow up. they don't consider this vermin..but if you have them it is hell on earth, expensive and mind numbing. we need to get over this stigma and demand that things change before this spirals out of control. i think it has though!

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