2009 W Birchwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60645-2111

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Been going through a landlord tenant dispute over bed bug infestation through entire building I reported to landlord of hole in corner ceiling in my kids room where bugs were coming out went from kids room to living room furniture due to fact landlord didn't respond for three months I been off of work due to work related injury so moving has been difficult so I decided to fight back and throw out all my belongings started with 1500 dollar bunkbed set for kids then a 3000 dollar sofa set and a ki

ng size sofa set disinfected my own unit after educating on matter then he decides to pop up for rent so i show him problem areas he now throws signs up in building has orkin come out and say they are too expensive so he calls terminex say they are too expensive so I give him rent and then he states laundry expenses and rent deductions will take effect for living in one bedroom opposed to a two bedroom he schedule spraying I'm thinking professionals coming in he comes in with two of his buddies spray twice and say ok they gone I'm like what???over the three years I been here I done gave over 35,000 for rent a security deposit and this the respect and appreciation I get from landlord I'm in court now sad to say how slumlords are still in effect even though all the new laws they try to weasel out of doing the responsible thing

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