1424 N Greenview Ave
Chicago, IL 60642-2352

Found 3 reports:

Problem largely isolated to 1 apartment. The tenants had complained of this problem when they had lived at another address, hence, it is believed they brought them into the building. Professional exterminating company was brought in repeatedly over a 3 month period and the issue was resolved.
The apartment upstairs conplained of 1 bedbug and that apartment was completely serviced. No further complaints.
No complaints from either apartment since resolution back in the spring of 2010. Exter

minator history of service available upon request.

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The bed bug issue at this apartment was successfully eradicated.

There was a bedbug infestation which began in October of 2009. When I moved out in November of 2009 the infestation was only in one room. As of January of 2010 the landlord was finally bringing in an exterminator. I don't know if the issue was ever completely resolved.

No nearby bug reports