4420 N Winchester Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-5809

Found 3 reports:


Unit with confirmed infestation underwent thermal treatment, and tenants have moved.

I cannot vouch for the rest of the building, as it was never clear where/how infestation originated or how widespread it was.


Apparently, the management of this building has learned of my earlier post, and is contacting an attorney about it.

I stand by what I posted earlier as 100% accurate and true, and I have the proof to back up my claims. Furthermore, my posting here is purely an effort to assist others in avoiding the dire situation I am currently in.

The infestation at this address has been confirmed by a Chicago building inspector (citation on the way), an independent lab study by Harvard Unive

rsity has identified a specimen as an adult bed bug, and a highly reviewed pest control company has inspected the premises and recommended treatment.

I have sent notice of the infestation to building management via certified mail weeks ago, and have received no reply or assistance.

If the bed bugs are eliminated from this building, I would be happy to remove the address from the registry.

see full report...

Confirmed one unit infestation (1W), but will likely soon become a problem for the whole building, due to landlord's ignorance, cheapness, and inability to stay sober for even 10 minutes to realistically deal with the problem.

Clear ID of adult bed bug, and all signs of infestation present.

No plans set for treatment by knowledgeable pest control agents. I will be moving out, safely discarding some items and disinfecting others.

Thanks, and good luck out there.

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