915 W Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-5706

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Hi I also live in the building. and yes i does take a while for the work orders to get done.but not four weeks.before we use to have pest control once a month for one half of the building and the other month for the other half. now with the new manager she has started the whole building once a month and ther has been some change. but i feel if the people keep there unit clean it would be much better. my next door neighbor has bed bugs and has had them for a while. i have yet to have

them nor have i seen them wash anything so how can they get rid of them. now the mice is a problem and that needs to be fixed.but i feel if we give this new lady a try and work with her it would be better.

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they use water down bullshight! we they spary for bedbugs or rocahs they got lazy as worker they quick to get your money thats we they move fast as hell not when you put in a work order it takes them 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is 6/19/11-I have been living in this area for 14 yrs-have moved to 4 diffent infested multiunit dwellings each one seems to be filthier than the next-i found a nasty critter while napping not the first time and have been searching the web for relief-is there such relief???we have monthly pest control but it seems to be of no use-i even have a riddex box yet no relief-the psychological toll has kept me up many nites-even if there is no relief in site THANX 4 THE SOUNDING BOARD AND THE CHAN


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i used to live in this building a year ago and there is a mice roach and bebug problem the building is infested with them the mattress was thrown out we had to wash everything and they still stayed so i wouldnt move here

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