4541 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640-5618

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I moved into this apartment in January of 2008, and immediately got bites on my arms and legs (when I first moved in, I slept only with a sleeping bag on the floor, and had no other furniture or belongings with me). I thought they were hives or a result of stress, so I got some Benadryl, but the bites persisted. I had no idea about bed bugs, and then after researching differing bites on the internet, saw that Chicago was suffering from a bed bug infestation. I reported to the office, and they

have helped with extermination, as well as quarters for washing/drying clothes, but they haven't replaced any furniture (I had to get rid of my couch, which I cannot afford to replace, and to replace my futon with a new bed frame, boxspring, and mattress). The bites seem to come and go, not nearly as bad anymore as when I first moved in, but sometimes I actually see a bed bug crawling across my bed (or yesterday, I saw one on the bathroom mirror) which of course is very disturbing, making it difficult to sleep comfortably. They are doing what they can to irradicate the bugs, but it's a HUGE apartment building, and I don't think all tenants are reporting the bugs, or cleaning everything to help with ridding the building of these things.

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