4526 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640-5609

Found 4 reports:

Bed Bugs at this building. Found the bed bug, company said they would send someone out by monday...where will I sleep until then. 11/18/2015

Bedbugs continue at this apartment. Please fix problem

I had an experience with bed bugs. I lived there for eight months, I use to wake up with red bumps. I had to throw away my old mattress. Also Sheridan View Apartments are infested with roaches. At night my kitchen use to be covered with them. It seems that nothing would work to kill them.

My daughter and her boyfriend live in an apartment at the Sheridan View Apartments in Chicago,Illinois. Renters have reported to the management for some time that there was a bedbug problem. My daughter and her botyfriend now have lots of bites on their bodies. My daughter is diabetic also, so these sores are not good for her. She had to throw her mattress out which I purchased for her maybe a year ago out. I think is awful to have to live like this.Something needs to be done.

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