1954 W Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-5211

Found 2 reports:

On 06/10/09, a handwritten note reading "Does anyone else have bed bugs?" was posted on the outside gate of the main entryway to the courtyard of the building housing the apartments at 1954 W. Wilson Avenue, as well as multiple other apartments with corresponding W. Wilson Avenue street addresses. Three "Yes" responses were handwritten on the note, apparently written by three different people, indicating the possibility that at least four separate people who live in the building "have" bed bugs

. The note was gone within 24 hours of its posting.

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Active infestation as of 09/22/08. I've seen multiple (apparently) infested mattresses discarded in alleys near dumpsters within a two-block radius, including but not limited to the intersections of Montrose/Wolcott, Wilson/Wolcott, and Wilson/Damen.

No nearby bug reports