4600 N Beacon St
Chicago, IL 60640-4618

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Bed bugs and mice in this building.

Moved in and within 2 days found an adult bed bug. Reported it immediately and they sprayed and had exterminators come in. I left for a week to be safe. Cleaned all my belongings according to instructions. A month later, I got bites all over my hands and arms. Being summer, I wrote it off as a mosquito stuck inside until there were over 20 bites. I, then, bit the bullet and looked up bed bug bites. They were VERY consistent to the bites I had and were INSANELY itchy. I abandoned my bed, frame, l

inens, and couch which was almost all of my belongings considering I moved in with just my clothes. Seems like there may have been a history and talk of treating other units. Management then tried to place blame on me for not scheduling some kind of followup appointment to the treatment. This is an infestation. Clearly not enough is being done to stop the spread.

No one deserves to have their peace of mind taken from them. Please beware.

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I have lived here for almost 2 years and discovered Bed Bugs I mean like a lot of them I have thrown everything out and I am pissed off. Then Landlord is not really concerned that his building sucks and people are losing there stuff. I have noticed over the weeks all kinds of stuff being thrown out which made me think to check my stuff. UGH this sucks

I have lived here for on year, and am moving out in one week. There have always been roaches, and flies around the apartment, but about a week ago I started waking up with ichy bites all over me. I hadn't seen any mosquitos or spiders in the apartment, so I came to the hard conclusion...bed bugs. And sure enough, when I searched, I did find a few. I am scared to bring them to my new apartment, so I have had to throw out almost everything I own. While throwing out my stuff, I found fo

ur bed bug infested mattresses put by the trash by other tenants. In addition, the landlord is using a very small, unknown terminating company to spray. But they are only spraying the infected rooms and the spray does not kill the eggs.

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There are bed bugs in my apartment. I moved in a few months ago and almost immediately upon moving in, I got my first bites. I dont have enough money for a new mattress yet and I'm tired to getting bit. Its sad and disgusting. I wish I never moved into this apartment. BEWARE OF 4600 N. BEACON.

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