4600 N Beacon St
Chicago, IL 60640-4618

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I have lived here for almost 2 years and discovered Bed Bugs I mean like a lot of them I have thrown everything out and I am pissed off. Then Landlord is not really concerned that his building sucks and people are losing there stuff. I have noticed over the weeks all kinds of stuff being thrown out which made me think to check my stuff. UGH this sucks

I have lived here for on year, and am moving out in one week. There have always been roaches, and flies around the apartment, but about a week ago I started waking up with ichy bites all over me. I hadn't seen any mosquitos or spiders in the apartment, so I came to the hard conclusion...bed bugs. And sure enough, when I searched, I did find a few. I am scared to bring them to my new apartment, so I have had to throw out almost everything I own. While throwing out my stuff, I found fo

ur bed bug infested mattresses put by the trash by other tenants. In addition, the landlord is using a very small, unknown terminating company to spray. But they are only spraying the infected rooms and the spray does not kill the eggs.

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There are bed bugs in my apartment. I moved in a few months ago and almost immediately upon moving in, I got my first bites. I dont have enough money for a new mattress yet and I'm tired to getting bit. Its sad and disgusting. I wish I never moved into this apartment. BEWARE OF 4600 N. BEACON.

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