910 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-4215

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I moved in in 2013, and have had to have my unit treated for bed bugs at least once a year since I moved in.

The company they hire (C&M Pest Management) is terrible at scheduling followup treatments, even though in order to eradicate an infestation, a unit usually must be treated at least 3 times in fairly close succession. Each time I've been treated I've had to call them repeatedly to get a followup, and then they sound nonchalant.

Not only that, but when a unit in Chicago has bed bugs,

they are required BY LAW to inspect all units above, below, and to the sides of the apartment. My unit had a bed bug in it, and I was treated in August. Only a month later, the blind old man who lives below me called to report an apartment problem, which turned out to be bed bugs. How bad does it have to be for a BLIND MAN to complain? Bad enough that the pest guy should have detected the infestation in his place when he treated mine. I'm guessing they didn't even check.

Terrible service.

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i just found a bed bug and i had found a bed bug before in my couch i had never even seen a bed bug before i woke up this morning with a lot of bed bug bites i'm just hoping this is the last time i see them but just in case i will call the landlord

The problem in this building goes back to summer of 2008 or prior. I lived in apt. 701 and discovered a serious mold problem with that apt, so I requested an apt. change, and was given one at the rear of the same floor. As I was in the transfer process, the first night in that apt. was total hell. We awoke itching constantly, until we saw the critters crawling on the sheets and pillows. After reporting to management, they had an exterminator come twice, who also had to hit the first apt. due to

our inadvertant carting them back with our bedding. We slept a couple weeks in the car to get peaceful sleep. Part of the problem is, when people throw out infested furniture in the alley, someone else sees free stuff and unknowingly brings them back in. Also, they hide and wait in the baseboards and carpet until the next victims move in. Do not rent in this building. The owner charged me for simultaneously renting both inhabitable apts the month before we moved out.

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Back in April and May of 2009, we had bed bugs. Management did a descent job of getting rid of them. We had to be on top of the sprayings since management didn't schedule follow up appointments after the first spraying. It took a month or so to get rid of them. We haven't had any bites since. When we first complained to management about the problem, there were several other people complaining at the same time. I'm sure many people who live in the building have either not posted their problem, or

did not know that they had bed bugs. I would not move into this building. Bed bugs are a problem here, and will probably continue to be a problem in the future. (Not to mention the cockroach problem in the building also. We have seen a few here and there in our clean apartment, but they have been tiny. In the summer especially, you can find HUGE cockroaches in the lobby area, either scattering about or dead on their backs. It's very gross.)

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Apt #1006

I'd never heard of bedbugs before aside from the old say "good night sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!"

A few weeks ago I started waking up with bites and after a reading articles and hearing about bedbugs on the news, I had a suspicion that might be my problem. I searched my mattress but didn't find anything. Last week I found one in my bathroom. I called the landlord and he had someone out to spray the next day (June 4, 2009). Didn't sleep in my bed again until June 8th

. Woke up in the middle of the night and spotted bed bugs in my bed for the first time ever (even though it was "treated" only 4 days prior).

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Contacted landlord about bedbug problem and they had someone out the same day. No bites for 2 weeks.

Apartment #802

I'd never had bed bugs before. I noticed a bug bite one day when I scratched my arm and it started bleeding. It never really got any worse than the 2-3 bites that appeared over a few weeks.

Then my girlfriend showed me that she was bitten quite a bit. The bed bug seemed to prefer her. I don't think I've been bitten for a couple of weeks and she looked like she had chicken pox. I figured it was her bed.

It wasn't. While cleaning my bed I noticed 2 bed bugs

on my mattress cover. I threw that out. The next day I noticed black speckles on my wood bed frame. I pulled up my mattress and then I found them. There were dozens of them camped out on the bottom part of my mattress at the headboard. I vacuumed them all up and poured boiling water over they place they where camped out. I found a lot of egg lairs in the creases and screw holes of my Ikea bed frame.

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