4848 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-3606

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This place is filled with bed bugs and rats!but recently there have been fewer of this animal/rodents.



Beware 4848 n Winthrop ave Chicago IL 60640is full of bedbugs and nothing will get rid of it its too much .
don't live in this building its fuck it up .Beware Beware Beware

I have lived here for over a decade. I've encountered bedbugs in my apartment. Exterminators arrive EVERY time I report the problem. And I mean every time. Since then I see bed bugs now & then -- fewer bugs and much less often.

so for bed bugs they have for a building and the worst thing the 4848 united N Winthrop tower A few days once i was Barking in upper after that they do update for parking .so i win and in lower i get the sticker and i put it in my cars window . so they told me after 4 days i will switch from upper to lower .i try to parking in lower i cant access the gate .so i went to the office they say later we do activation for your card so i wheat three weeks and noting we fix the problem they are lie

lie lie and every lazy every time i try ask them question they don't give to me the answer and all the office the lazy so pleas read carefully and don't do my me stake to come to this building and i will i will tell the -HUD- government about them lazy lazy staff
they should change all the staff and also the head broad . i will recommended this for all people and i will call the HUD government 3 weeks to fix the active Machine .

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Beware 4848 n winthrop is full of bedbugs and nothing will get rid of it

There is an infestation of bedbugs at 4621 N. Sheridan which may be the cause of infestation to neighborhoring buildings.
4848 building is NOT THE CAUSE.

my parents live on the 14th floor and they\'ve been bit a few times by bed bugs. the building, to my knowledge, has yearly exterminators come but that really never helps.

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