940 W Winona St
Chicago, IL 60640-3215

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This building has an ongoing pest problem, and has since i moved in about 2006.

Besides mice & roaches, most of the apartments in this building are infested with bed bugs. When i first moved in, i started noticing bites within the 1st month of living here. I initially thought they were from Mosquitoes.

Then i discovered the bugs on my mattress. I immediately took action and saturated my mattress & box spring with poison, and then sealed each of them in a waterproofed mattress cover. Afte

r that I sprayed every nook & cranny of my bedroom and apartment with raid over the course of a week. Needless to say every window in my apartment had to stay wide open for close to two weeks to air out the smell. Lucky for me that when i moved in I had little to no furniture other then my bed, TV, and my kitchen table & chairs, so it was easier for me to self exterminate thoroughly.

Within a couple of weeks i had rid my apartment of the bed bugs completely and have managed to go several years without a re-infestation.
One key thing i did notice though; every time the management sent a notice saying a mandatory extermination was to be conducted, and I would let in their exterminator...that's when i would begin to see vast amounts of roaches popping up in my kitchen and bathroom within days. That happened on two separate occasions after I allowed them in. Before those visits I no longer had any bug problems in my apartment. Needless to say i wised up and banned their exterminators from my apartment.

Their exterminating company is a joke! And may possibly be part of the reason the building is still infested. The two times they came in they shot a burst of poison in a corner of each room, and that was it. I would strongly caution new tenants about renting here unless you are fully prepared to take on the extra expense of self extermination.

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On going bed bug infestation. Numerous apartments. My apartment has been treated twice now ( just this past october) and I have called for a third treatment. My neighbor is waiting for her first. Super on site is of no help. Must call management company, when you can get an answer, and then wait, and wait... I had to send a certified letter the first time to get a response. They seem to do the least that can be done to remedy any problem with this building. I have met many residents that say the

y are leaving because of the bug issue. I can't believe they aren't listed on this registry already.

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