5050 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-3120

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I strongly recommend staying away from here. I visited the building earlier this month to view and apartment for rent. While there, I asked five current tenants about the building, four of them said they had bedbugs and roaches! I still decided to see the unit, because it was a very large complex, and I was there anyway. However, they didn't even clean the apartment prior to my viewing it, which meant that there were dead roaches in the kitchen! Thank goodness I received advice from a realtor to

never put my bag down when viewing apartments!

It also was discouraging that the guy showing me the apartment kept insisting that bedbugs and roaches were from people who were dirty. That may be somewhat true of roaches, but I haven't heard that about bedbugs. Afterall, high end hotels have them.

Stay away!

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