5101 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640-3113

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Over the past two month we have had a problem with kids that parents live in this building shooting off fireworks well after the 4th of July ,on a daily bases,and adults hanging out near and under the parking building drinking and talking very loud when they get drunk which is allso every night.I have talked to the manager and nothing has been done about it.This morning 8/10/12 at one in the morning I was woke up from a deep sleep by these people outside this building screaming drunk,I am so fed

up with this,I plan on getting a petition started to do something done.In my view this building should be shut down and all the residents made to move.

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Bedbugs + rodents + inattentive building management = 5101 N. Sheridan apartments!

This place is infested! We lived there several years ago, for first 6 months with no problem. Then the problem began, and we'd complain to management and they'd spray the apartment, but it never seemed to work. We've tried every possible remedy, but nothing worked. When we moved, we had to throw away all the furniture and bedding and curtains, because we were scared that we might carry them to our new home.

my friend lived there for 2 years. in the beginning she did not have any bed bugs. later on she started seeing a lot of them. they come out at night from from nowhere. the whole building has bad bugs.

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