5301 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-2003

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Moved in Dec 2014, and on moving day, other residents mentioned bedbugs. Sure enough, saw two live bugs within first couple of weeks. Then I had a guest stay on my brand-new couch and say he got bitten. When I told the landlord, he said, "Why is everyone blaming me for the bedbugs?" then blamed my guest. But he did give me the name of an exterminator he used. Seeing as I did not want to use who he already used, I did research and had a professional company treat the apartment. They did a great j

ob, but within a month, I started seeing more around the couch. One of the residents told me he "bug bombs" and sprays his apartment every month and that bed bugs are part of Chicago. Sigh. I wish I had known before I moved in.

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The past year has been a nightmare. We noticed a few bugs on the walls shortly after moving in, but unfortunately didn't realize how big a deal it was until they started infesting all of our furniture. It was traumatic, and when we informed the landlord, he wouldn't take responsibility and said he didn't believe us! We had bites all over and even put some of the bugs in a bag for proof. Shortly after we wrote him a letter explaining that we absolutely needed to move out if the problem wasn't fix

ed. Then he tried to have us evicted! Long story short, he ended up having an exterminator brought in 3 times a week and we unfortunately had to stay in the building. We had to throw out a lot of clothes and furniture, and have had to keep our beds wrapped in plastic. Total mistake to move into this place.

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Moved into an apartment in this building 1 1/2 weeks ago, and began seeing both living and dead insects. Not knowing what they were, I just figured they were just annoying bugs I would have to deal with. When started getting large patches of itchy rash on my arms, legs, and body, I looked up bedbugs in the internet, sure enough it was the insects I had been seeing. I've contacted the building management, and they have told me an exterminator has been scheduled.

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