5533 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-1515

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I lived on a top floor apartment at 5533 N. Kenmore Ave from October 2007 until August of 2008.

A little after I moved into the unit, I began to be itchy. Bug bites kept showing up, mainly on my limbs and back and I did not understand why. It was cooler weather, so it wasn't as if I were outdoors getting mosquito bites... After doing hours of research on my type of bites, bed bugs kept popping up as the #1 suspect. I checked my apartment for signs of them and nothing turned up.


fateful day, I decided to sleep in. When I awoke, I happened to notice a tiny bug crawling quickly across my comforter. After doing SO MUCH research online about what my bites may be, I knew in an instant what it was. I caught the quick little flat bug in a glass jar and immediately called the building management. They scheduled a spraying for the next day.

I figured the normal "monthly" exterminator would come (there was a man that came each month), but my regular maintenance man came to spray. I showed him the bug and he didn't think it was a bed bug - HA! He checked my mattress (no sign of anything), did a thorough spray, and things were fine for a few days, but then I started getting MORE bites!

I became obsessed with trying to figure out where the bed bugs were coming from (my mattress was clean) and it was often difficult to sleep. I soon began finding them randomly - one coming out of the light switch, another climbing up my wall, one on my pillow (EWWWW)... I kept adding the ones that I could catch (dead or alive) to my glass jar and at one point had about twenty in there. After days, even weeks, they were still alive and moving.

Another morning I awoke and found a few racing toward the recessed lighting directly above my bed - a perfect place for them to live. I kept noticing them near there and came to the conclusion that the lighting is where the problem began.

I scheduled another spraying, sealed my mattress in an air-tight plastic cover (in case the bugs had decided to try a new home out) and duct-taped the zipper well. My problem soon disappeared, but I was left traumatized. Such a horrible thing to go through, I am VERY thankful for this website.

Also, not only did this building have bed bugs, but it also has many roaches. Large, big mama roaches...some of which were caught in sticky traps that I placed all over.

I loved the neighborhood, but will always have the horrible memories of 5533 N. Kenmore. :(

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A neighboring apartment reported bedbugs to management on September 4, but at the time, management treated only that apartment, not any other units. They also did not hire a professional exterminator, but instead sent one of their maintenance people.

Now, although bedbugs are spreading to other units, they are still not treating the entire building, but only apartments near the original apartment - that is, above, below and adjacent to it.

The building, Kenmore Courts, is owned and manag

ed by John R. Krenger Real Estate, and covers multiple addresses: 5527-5539 N. Kenmore. The actual addresses in the building, all of which may be vulnerable to bedbug infestations, are as follows:

5527 N. Kenmore
5529 N. Kenmore
5529 1/2 N. Kenmore
5531 N. Kenmore
5533 N. Kenmore
5535 N. Kenmore
5535 1/2 N. Kenmore
5537 N. Kenmore
5539 N. Kenmore

As of this week, only units in 5533 N. Kenmore and 5535 N. Kenmore ate being treated.

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