4846 W Wrightwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60639-1731

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found bedbugs coming out of walls in my apartment E3 hopefully the apartment complex gets rid of them but in case someone else is thinking of moving here dont because i beleive all the places are infested and people dont know yet they have sprayed once and i have taken measures the terminators requested but seriously this is really messed up i was in army and and slept outside for weeks at a time and various other places i never had problem till i moved into this place about 3 months later

after finally noticing my legs were itching and looked gross i went to see doctor and informed me i should see if i had bedbugs possibly cause that was only thing he could think of that would do such a thing.
MAnagement here is trying to resolve this but i want to report the problem to protect some other people from moving here is there is a problem in the other apartments as well

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