29 E Garfield Blvd
Chicago, IL 60637-1007

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I just want people to know that it is extremely difficult to get rid of bed bugs! If you do some research you can protect yourself and get rid of them. Diatomaceous earth is an excellent product that will help. You have to examine everything. Pillows, all bed linen, mattress, box spring, any upholstered furniture, head board, clothes, any wooden furniture, any baseboards and moldongs, stuffed animals, etc. Keep clutter to a bare minimum and wash everything and put it in a closed plastic bag

, like the big Ziploc bags. These pests are elisive and difficult to exterminate, but it can be done. ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 91% WILL KILL THEM ON CONTACT, ALSO. JT EATONS I AND II IS EXCELLENT. INSPECT DAILY!!!!

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well i just moved in my apt December 30th 2009. I started receiving small bites that itched around mid january. I though nothing of it just thought it was a mosquito bite and kinda ignored but yesterday on may 20th 2010 around 5:30 am i found a bug crawling in my bed i took a piece of tissue and squished it the bug was filled with blood my address is 29 e garfield blvd apt3 in chicago illinois. also i have two small kids one is 14mths old and she and myself are covered with bites. Also i went an

d took my daughter to the doctor on may 19th and the doctor examined my baby he said she didnt have an allergic reaction that something bit her and he wrote a letter to my landlord to exterminate my apt

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